About ExpatLife India


EXPATLIFE INDIA aims to help you have an easier relocation and have an amazing, memorable and meaningful stay in India.

As an expat herself, Ema Trinidad (the creator of ExpatLife) truly understands and relates to the challenges expats go through when they relocate to India. People of Indian origin who were born abroad or have lived a significant number of years outside India, are no different -- they feel alienated as well.

India is truly not the same as how it is portrayed on media. There is no one way to describe it. You have to experience the country, live with the Indians, listen to them with your heart, watch their movies and eat their food to fully understand what India is all about. Expats come to India for various reasons -- spiritual, business, work, health, adventure or to be with a loved one. The challenges and experiences are all unique. Some "find" themselves in India, some fall deeply in love with it, and others prosper spiritually or financially here. On the other side of the coin, some get confused and are not willing to change, hence they give up and pack up.

"For most of us, the time we can spend in this incredible country is limited and every minute counts. I first came here for business and had wrong misconceptions on how to do business in India. I took the long route, made a lot of mistakes, thereby losing time and money. Along the way, I also met the most amazing, most generous and kindest Indians who helped me. They have became my true friends and I am truly grateful to them. If not for them, I would not have survived this long in India," shares Ema Trinidad.

ExpatLife aims to shorten your learning curve. Whatever is your purpose for relocating here, we aim to save you the time and money, make things easier for you, point you to the right direction and the right people right away.

If you are here for work, who knows when you will ever get to chance to visit this country again after that contract is completed? So get off that seat, explore the countryside, climb the mountains, be awed by the rich and amazing historical temples, try the spicy and flavourful food with your bare hands, wear that colourful saree, do the Bollywood dance, get off your chauffeur-driven car and get on an autorickshaw, meet new friends, have your adventure of a lifetime!

With the right friends and advice from the right people, living in India could be an amazing, meaningful and memorable experience. That's what ExpatLife India is created for.