When Socializing Became a Vocation In Bangalore


Ema Trinidad, founder of ExpatLife India, was interviewed by New York Times on the events she hosts in Bangalore for expats and global Indians. Here's an excerpt of the story:

"Sindhu George, 43, who returned to the metropolis two years ago after 18 years as a cabin crew counselor with a Hong Kong airline, is a regular at Ema Trinidad’s events. When she landed, however, the chatty, outgoing Ms. George did not know “a single soul” in the city she had grown up in. As a single woman, it was a challenge to find a social life. When she went out in the evenings, she was the target of unwelcome male attention. With Ms. Trinidad and her circle, Ms. George found safety in numbers.

"Ms. Trinidad was herself an outsider, a Philippine national who moved to Bangalore to set up a spa. Just months after she arrived, Ms. Trinidad discovered that being single made socializing uncomfortable.

“I stayed home and desperately started missing good conversation,” she said. Out of boredom, she set up a group for “globally-minded” people where she emphasized quality conversations and leisurely dinners. Today, the group consists of not just expatriates like her but also Indians who have lived abroad and since returned...

“I have quality people,” said Ms. Trinidad. “They are not just a list, they are my friends.”

"Single women feel relaxed in her gatherings, she said. She calls herself a 'networker who connects and helps people.'

"As an entrepreneur who has started up in Bangalore, she has plenty of advice to offer. 'Among new arrivals, I’m seen as the person who knows all the secret places and the right people,' she said."

                                                                                                      -- Saritha Rai, New York Times, 2-Aug-2013.
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