Passport Renewal Services for US Passport Holders in Bangalore

Please read below answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about how US citizens living in Bangalore can renew their passports. These answers have been provided by the American Citizen Services Unit of the American Consulate in Chennai.

Q. For US citizens living in Bangalore who need to renew their passport in India, do they need to personally appear at the US Embassy in Chennai? Or is there a US consulate satellite office in Bangalore where they can submit their documents? Does the same procedure apply for minors who are below 16 years old?

A. Adult passport renewal can be done by mail. For minors the applicant has to come in person to the Chennai consulate along with the parents. For first time adult passport application (after the age of 16) the applicant has to come in person, parents need not accompany. We usually conduct passport outreach program in Bangalore once a month which will be advertised in our website . There is no consulate in Bangalore.

Q. How long does it take for the whole passport renewal process?

A. The usual turn around period for passport is 2 weeks from the date of application.

Q. How long would it take for the visas to be processed and delivered from the date of submission at your passport outreach programs in Bangalore?

A. We do not provide visa service at Bangalore outreach facility. The process for passport renewal at outreach program will be the same and may take two weeks from the date of application.

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